Nature Park Longosa

Visiting Nature Park Longosa combined with a scenic boat trip along the Kamchiya River, down to its estuary at the Black Sea

Option - Lunch by the riverbank 

Try local national cuisine, fresh seafood or freshwater fish specialities

Option - Lunch at the Solinik village at Radka’s house

Lunch at the Solinik village at Radka’s house with traditional folklore programme and entertainment, wine tasting, rakia drinking, degustation of various appetizers, salads, local pastries and dishes, horse cart riding and more.

Visit Nesebar

Visiting one of the Europe’s oldest towns – Nessebar, founded more than 3200 years ago, known for its well-preserved Early Byzantine thermal baths and over 40 ancient churches. The town is under the protection of UNESCO and is the biggest tourist center in Bulgaria.

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