• Varna Airport Transfers

    If you need a transfer from airport Varna to Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, or if you are wondering how to get from airport Varna to your hotel, you can contact us and we can offer you the best and most suitable for you transfer and taxi options.

    Varna Airport Transfer: Check our Prices

  • Burgas Airport and Holiday Transfers

    There are many taxis waiting to transport passengers to their locations but you should be very careful as they charge way above the average prices. We recommend you to book your transfer in advance so you don’t get overcharged.

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  • Cheap Sofia Airport Transfers

    If you are wondering how to get from the airport to your hotel, you can contact us and we can offer you the best and most suitable for you airport transportation option.

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  • Constanca Airport Transfers

    Costanza airport is located on the Black sea coast and is a preferred airport for the low cost and charter companies. It is in close proximity to some of the most famous sea resorts in Romania and the summer season is the busiest for this small airport

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  • Cheap Thessaloniki Airport Transfers to Sofia and Bansko

    If you are wondering how to get from the airport to your hotel, you can contact us and we can offer you the best and most suitable for you airport transportation option.

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We Are Bulgaria Transfer Transport Agency

Bulgaria Transfers is a large airport transfer provider in Bulgaria. We provide holiday makers and business travellers with comfortable transportation to and from the airport. We know how hard and stressful it can be to find a reliable and trustworthy transfer service abroad, so we are here to assist. People find it much harder booking airport transfers than booking their entire holiday. We offer our customers dedicated service and we can save them a significant percentage on the local taxi fares. We have big fleet of new and very comfortable taxis, cars, minibuses and VIP vehicles for those special occasions. We also offer transfers across the border over to and from Romania. Our drivers are experienced and speak fluent English so our customers can feel safe and confident with them.
Our services:
Airport transfer, Varna Airport Transfer. Sofia Airport transfer, Sofia to Bansko tranfer, Thessaloniki to Bansko Transfer, hotel to airport transfer and transfer from airpot to hotel


Airport Transfers

Going on holiday abroad should not be causing you headaches. That is why our airport transfers are available to all of our clients who are seeking stress-free transportation at the best prices available.

Of course there are many transportation options when you arrive at your destinations but you have to know that most of the time they are pretty costly.

Book in advance your airport transfers with us and save money.

We can cater for large families or big groups as we have an array of vehicles from ordinary cars to large minibuses you can choose from. We are fully insured and can provide child seats for the little bambinos if requested. Even though you can book us on the day of arrival we always advise our customers to be proactive and book us in advance. This way, you will not only secure your transportation but you will also get preferential rates from us. We can offer the appropriate service for those of you who have decided to go on a ski holiday with their own ski equipment. We can fit all your luggage and extra ski equipment without any extra charges.

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Holiday Transfers

Booking a holiday and all the extras that need to go with it can sometimes be rather stressful. The holiday transfers are an aspect that needs to be taken into careful consideration. More often than not it is the transfers that can cause real stress to every journey.

Here at BG Transfers, we have a wide variety of options for transfers that can get you to and from the airports in Bulgaria and Romania.

Book in advance your holiday transfers with us and save money.

We can offer our clients different vehicles that can suit every budget and requirements. We have taxis, minibuses, VIP vehicles, etc. We advise our customers to book their holiday transfers well in advance and we offer them our online booking system that is quick and easy. In case you find any difficulties with it, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service agents will make sure that your booking goes swiftly.

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We Drive You Enjoy

‘’We Drive You Enjoy’’ is a bespoke service offered to our customers. We know how important it is to be independent when you go on holiday and how nice it is to just jump in the car and explore the country you have chosen. Renting a car abroad is what many of our clients opt for. However, have you thought how stressful that can be especially when you rent a car in Bulgaria and you are not only unfamiliar with the roads but you have to drive on the wrong side too?!

If you are thinking of exploring the country and spending your time going from place to place in a car, then check out our tailor-made service and get a car with a driver.

Book in advance your airport transfers with us and save money.

The advantages of this service are many - hassle-free experience, knowledgeable professional drivers, peace of mind and the ability to relax and enjoy your travels. Bulgaria is a beautiful country and has a lot to offer however, it can be a daunting task to navigate from place to place as the road signs are few and far in between. The Satellite navigation devices are not as precise as they are in Europe and most of the time they can only show the way to a town but they don’t have a map for the streets in it. This can cause you a lot of stress and unnecessary delays if you don’t know where you are going.

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Hotel Transfers

We, at BG Transfers offer our customers a variety of options to get them to and from their hotel. We have a huge variety of vehicles that can accommodate the transportation of single individuals or large groups.

We make sure we are at the airport when you arrive so you don’t have to wait around for taxis. Picking you up from the hotel is also hassle-free for you as we are always on time. Our drivers are highly professional and all our vehicles are fully insured. Our priority is your safety and comfort. We offer child seats also if needed.

Book in advance your hotel transfers with us and save money.

Our prices are highly competitive and are in fact some of the best on the market. Booking with us is easy and takes no more than 5 minutes.

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Bulgaria Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices include a single or a return journey to and from your chosen hotel or destination and a driver. If you have booked one of our regular taxis then you must note that it can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. Child booster seats are free but make sure you tell us in advance if you need any.

If you have booked a taxi transfer you have to note that our taxis can fit 4 people or 3 people and an infant or two people and two infants. If you want to use any of our shuttle services then infants and children under the age of 3 don’t pay.

During your booking, you will be asked to provide us with your flight number. We monitor your flight on the day of arrival and if we see it is delayed, then our driver will be informed and he/she will come and pick you up at the new arrival time. This will not cost you any extra. If your flight is cancelled, you will need to phone us immediately so we can rearrange the booking. There will be no extra charge.

If you are travelling with excess baggage and a pet, please let us know at the time of your booking so we can arrange the most appropriate vehicle for you.