Faith Brewitt

I wanted to give a testimonial about our amazing experience hiring Boiko Feb 13-22. The Mercedes car having WIFI was fantastic and made for sharing photos with friends around the world super easy. Also loved that the car was non smoking.

Bulgaria Transfer Review from Terry Evans

Hi, my name is set Terry Evans and I'm a retired diplomat who worked with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.
I had occasion to go to Varna in Bulgaria on the number of occasions for dental implant treatment, and it was there that I met Vlado Valkov. In fact, he picks me up at the airport on my first visit and I found him so professional and he spoke good English and he couldn't have been more helpful. And the result was that in my many visits after that I invariably used Vlado for all my transport requirement. As well as ferrying me around two to the clinic on weekends and various other occasions that he took me out to see something of the countryside in his the in his own time and he certainly knew his way around and gave me a very very enjoyable time.Nothing was too much trouble for Vlado and I can give a good example of that.
By recounting that there was one that one occasion when a friend and I court the last post back from Varna hopefully to our hotel put it was not to be somehow we've got on the wrong bus and it with it was the last bus and that we reached its destination we hadn't a clue where we were that neither the driver nor the conductor spoke any English it all and they just threw us off the bus, because hit with the end of the line in there we were stock we open the hills and we could see the lights of Varna down in the in the bottom, far too far to walk. So even though it was late at night we phoned Vlado and of course, we couldn't tell them where we were, but he took the trouble to ring the bus company given the number of the bus and found that where the the the final destination was, and he came and rescued us. That is a perfect example of how I how accommodating he does not think is too much a true trouble for him.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him as a highly efficient and proficient operator and I would commend his services to anyone.